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Guatemalan Cooking Class

Guatemalan Cooking Class


Interested in learning how to make one of the delicious gastronomic specialties of Guatemala? This is a great way to share more than just pictures with your friends and family upon returning from your holiday in Guatemala! Your concierge can arrange to have a local indigenous woman who has been trained to provide cooking classes.

Your cooking instructor will meet you at your rental villa and if you like, you can go to the local farmer’s market with her to purchase all the necessary ingredients or if you prefer, the cook can arrive at your vacation rental with all the ingredients in hand. Menu items have been selected that can be adapted to ingredients readily accessible in North America and beyond.

Choose from the following menu items:

JOCON: a traditional indigenous Kachikel dish which is comprised of poached chicken that has been simmered in a delicious verdant green sauce made with cilantro, spring onion tops, bell peppers, tomatillos and more.

PEPIAN: a very hardy traditional dish made of a variety of toasted seeds and vegetables including sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, dried chili peppers (not spicy), fire roasted tomatoes all of which are ground into a deliciously satisfying sauce which is served over chicken and vegetables.

TAMALES COLORADOS: another very traditional dish, dating back to pre-colonial times. These steamed corn dumplings are filled with a rich, red sauce, almonds, prunes, chicken and olives). Tamales colorados are typically served on special occasions such as at weddings or during holidays.

All menus are served with side dishes, dessert and homemade non-alcoholic beverages.


Description 1 - 4 people 5 or more people
per person
$ 30 $ 25

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